I would probably fire myself if I ever had to intern for myself.  Design for each company is an evolution. When the time was right, I showed Paul a sketch I had been working on for his DJ company. He replied back that he had shirts, the logo was painted on all the equipment cases, and he still had way too many cards left.

Changing a logo is expensive. Don’t even mention buying new stuff. The pain and the agony of signing into these networks and resizing and cropping the images right. It’s a pain in the ass. 3 years later, I got my logo change. The original tagline was “Life of the Party.” I don’t think we did a good job conveying that. That could even work as a current campaign, but connecting to that the way I wanted people to connect to it failed at every attempt. I needed more visuals and footage.

Paul goes from politician fundraisers to corporate Christmas parties, to Bar Mitzvahs, Quinceaneras, Engagements, Weddings, All Kinds of parties. He even puts the FUN in Funeral. Life is an experience. Being a part of so many of those high moments. He comes to represent those “Life Moments” in a way no one else can. He has a passion for it. He’s 37 lugging around speakers and equipment at 2AM in the morning. You better have a passion for it. Anyways- Life of the Party wasn’t about calling someone that knows how to bring energy to the party. I wanted it to mean much more.

I think the problem was that Life of the Party was representative about him- about his company. Another approach is to think about what matters to the user. The person having a wedding or a shindig. What do they care about? That’s how the new logo and catchphrase came about.

For the Moment seemed magical to me. But we haven’t put it out there yet. Reinforcing messaging helps you out tremendously. When you have a client that’s willing and able to help you reinforce that message across different mediums and platforms, it’s always a great opportunity.

The logo change was subtle, I updated the fonts and entire color palette.